A Friend Is Like A Flower

A Friend Is Like A Flower,
A Rose To Be Exact,
Or Maybe Like A Brand New Gate
That Never Comes Unlatched.

A Friend Is Like An Owl,
Both Beautiful And Wise.
Or Perhaps A Friend Is Like A Ghost,
Whose Spirit Never Dies.

A Friend Is Like Those Blades Of Grass
You Can Never Mow,
Standing Straight, Tall, And Proud
In A Perfect Little Row.

A Friend Is Like A Heart That Goes
Strong Until The End.
Where Would We Be In This World
If We Didn’t Have A Friend?

  • Ankhon Se Meri Is Liye Lali Nahi Jati
  • Laho Rone Se Darti Hu Juda Hone Se Darti Hu
  • Hum Bheegtey Hain Chahton Ki Tez Barish Main
  • Rastey Jis Taraf Bulatey Hain
  • Bay Shak Na Mere Sath Safar Ikhtiyar Kar

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