Already You Are Now Reading

Already You Are Now Reading Me
And You Are About To Enter My Pain

I Now Write But For The Last Time I Grant You
To Read Me.A Last Time Again,

A Last Push On This
Dirty Swing Called Life Yes, Life.

I Was Aware Of My Future,
But I Have Failed Again

I Have Failed…!I Am Not Anybody,
A … Doesn’t Exist

A … Is Silence And Tears Personified
And Now It’s All Finished,

That Sunrise Which Filled Its Breath In Me Is Vanished,
The Fire That Opened The Lips Of My Heart

Is Blown Out…i Was A Stranger, I Will Be Such…
With An Only Hope.

To Have Given You A Grain Of Sand Of My Spirit
With Which You Will Try To Manufacture That Castle

Which Too Many Times Will Fall To Your Feet
…as Has Happened To Me !

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