I Know This Love Will Last

All I Ever Wanted Is To Be
In Your Heart
Allways To Be Together
And Never To Be Apart

We Have So Much Love
For Each Other More Than
I Thought We Would
I Love You More Than I Ever

I’ll Give You Everything
There Is To Give
As Long As My Heart Will

I Look In To Your Eyes
And I See Life Has Gone
I Look In To Your Heart
And I Know This Love Will

I Prayed To God
For Happiness
I Prayed To God For
True Love
He Gave Me That Two
I Prayed For An Angel
And He Gave Me You

I Dream Of Your Touch
When We Are Away
I Dream Of Your Smile
Every Single Day

The Sparkle In Your Eyes
The Warmth In Your Skin
The Touch Of Your Hand
The Beating Of Your Heart
The Times I Feel Sad When We
Are Apart

When You Are Sad
I Will Dry Your Tears
When You Are Sick
For You I Will Care
When You Need Love
My Heart I Wil Share