Sweetheart I’m Thinking Of You

I’m Thinking Of You
How Your Life Is
Are You Happy?
Hope You Doing Fine
I Can’t Sleep
I Cry All Night Long
I Miss You So,

I Wish I Could Hold You
In My Arms One More Time
I Tried To Find A Way
To Get You By My Side
Spending My Whole Life
Waiting For You

To Loosing Memories
That Once Was True
I Keep Wondering Why
I Fell In Love With You

When You Need Me
I’ll Be There For You
You Know You Might Be Lonely
I’ll Be Here Waiting For You
If You Ever Need Me
I’ll Be There.

I Think A While And Think It Over
Things Get Tough For Me Here
But I’ll Still Be Waiting For You
I Wish We Could Walk
I Wish We Could Talk
I’ll Cry A Million Tears For You.
Just For You.