The Sky Was In Silence

The Sky Was In Silence,
With The Moon Reigning Up There.
Cuddled In Dream’s Peaceful Arms,
Was The World Here Around.

Facing Who Knows What Distance,
Reached To Me An Enchanting Sound.
Bringing Along,With Her Charms,
Memories Of A Past So Near.

Melting My Heart Into Hot Tears,
Sadness Flew Down My Sleepless Eyes.
Hearing A Song With Tunes So Dear,
How Could My Soul Be Otherwise?

The Moon Bent Down And Inquired
“If The One You Love Makes You Cry,
Why Don’t You Leave And Forget Her.”
I Asked It”Can You Leave Your Sky?”

Smilingly, The Moon Said,”Do You Hear?
That Melody Is Being Sung By A Beggar,
A Poor One Who’s Got Nothing,But Rubbish.
And You ,Why Should You Cry If You
Have So Many Sweet Memories