Treasure Through

When I Look Into Your Eyes Baby,
Hold My Hand Next To Your Heart So Maybe,
I Can Feel Your Beat Of Life
And Not Take You In Strife.
As We Lie Together Restless
We Both Seem So Defenseless.
It’s Like Ten Thousand Matches In The Darkness Of Night
It’s Like Falling Asleep When The Sun Shines So Bright
As I Put You To Bed And Tuck You In Tight
And Kiss Your Forehead And Kiss You Goodnight
We Can Make It Through
With The Treasures I’ve Found In You
When I See You In The Morning.
Nights Without You Are Soo Boring.
You Lie There Innocent And So True.
I Can’t Help But Be In Love With You.
Our Hopes Were Never Broken.
Harsher Words Were Never Spoken.
When The Candle Keeps Burning It’s Like Gasoline.
The Sun’s Still Shining Despite One Drama Queen.
The Trail Is Blocked With No Other Pass,
But I’m Back On My Way With A Kick In The A$$.
We Made It Through.
Because Of The Treasures I’ve Found In You.
I Wouldn’t Have Made It Through.
Without The Treasures I Found In You.

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